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Mystery About Empty Ink Cartridge
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Most of the printer users are prompted with error 'empty ink cartridge' but as per recent research there is some ink left to print approximately 20-30 black and white pages. Now, the question arise, why there is an error even when a lot of ink is left in the cartridge? Immediately after printer error you run for Epson Printer Technical Support to help you with ink refill or you search online to get appropriate help. The Even high-end printer does not provide with enough check on the ink cartridge. As per research did in 2008, dead cartridges had 8-36% of ink left which can print more than 20 black and white pages.

It is then advised to choose refillable ink cartridge printer. Those type of printer gives the option to refill ink cartridge in spite of replacing whole 9 or 11 ink at once. Even if your printer says an inkjet printer is empty doesn't really mean that it's empty. As a matter of fact, if you daily print some lot, you end up wasting hundreds of dollars by dumping so call empty ink cartridges. There are some sellers who can purchase dead ink cartridges to refill and sell it further. It is not only Eco-friendly but also cost efficient. You can always search for such vendors but be aware from the fraudulent one. WeFix365 provides complete Epson Printer Tech Support to printer users who ask for at a very economical rate. Henceforth, always choose a brand for your ink cartridge and for online printer solutions.



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